Reinforcement of brick masonry with composite materials and screw-in anchors

Building constructions, buildings and structures

In this paper, methods of masonry reinforcement by composite materials and by anchoring with stainless steel screw rods were observed. Analysis was made for existing methods of strengthening against which highlighted these two methods, as applied abroad and just begin to use on our practice. Low domestic experience of application similar techniques is explained by lack of regulatory base, which would regulate their use. Traditional methods of strengthening are effective, but also have a number of features, and are unacceptable for use in certain cases. For example,strengthening of the historical buildings, which appearance must to be kept. Application of these methods, can serve as real alternative, in that case.In this article was made analysis of existing methods of reinforcement masonry and also was suggested method of calculation. Conclusions and recommendations were made based on it. Advantages and disadvantages were viewed to each method, which should be based in the choice of works on strengthening brickwork. At the end, the conclusions were made for modeling and calculation of behavior of bricklaying with use of these materials, and for ideas of further tests, to confirmation by practical results.