Review of T. Glatte’s book “International Production Site Selection”

Technology and organization of construction

The approaches to the problem of global site development to be found in the specialized literature are quite diverse. Construction-and property-specific site location aspects are generally only considered from the point of view of a narrow local market, such as the German, British, or US market – if they are considered at all. Generally, these aspects are only looked at in a limited and generic manner and by the way in the technical literature dealing with global markets. The book “International ProductionSite Selection”, published in English language by Dr. Thomas Glatte in late 2012, aims to close this gap. It describes that real estate constitutes a substantial share of the overall assets of industrial companies. The article provides a review of the book which is considered a major contribution in the field of location strategy and property development as it shows a ten-staged approach towards industrial site selection, an comprehensive catalogue of determining factors for manufacturing sites and an assessment of existing evaluation methods.