Technical and economic assessment on actions for heat insulation of external envelops external walls of apartment building with the double-skin facade

Energy efficiency and thermal protection of buildings

Now there are no the approved techniques by calculation of payback periods energy saving actions, in particular, the techniques considering growth of tariffs for energy resources, percent of payments for the credit and discounting of future cash flows. In this article the technique of an assessment of the predicted payback periods of energy saving actions for warming of the protecting designs (external walls) with the device of the double-skin facade and use of the heat-insulating products "URSA GEO" is offered. In the real work the concrete recommendations about application of this technique promoting adoption of the correct design decision are submitted. The example of calculation of simple payback of additional warming of external walls of a multiroom house, and also the payback calculated taking into account payment of percent on the credit, growth of tariffs for thermal energy and discounting of future cash flows is given. The example of calculation is executed in relation to the constructive solution ofadditional warming with the device of the double-skin facade.