History, evolution and development of regulatory requirements for enclosing structures

Energy efficiency and thermal protection of buildings

The paper provides a review of regulatory requirements evolution for building envelope.It contains a brief description of normative documents of different periods, e.g. the period before 1917, the Soviet period, and modern Russia. The paper presents the evolution and transformation of calculating formulas, terms and variables dimensions. One can find the survey of the discussion regarding dramatic rise of the required heating transition resistance for building envelope. This rise took place in 1995, and was initiated by Head of the Laboratory of NIISF Maatrosov Y.A. The respective adjustment was included in in SNIP II -3-79 *, and was reflected in different papers by Tabunshchikovs Y., Livchaka V., Gagarin V., Vasiliev G. et al. Basing on the historical development survey, as well as on the latest publications review, the authors propose specific measures for further improvements of normative requirements. The paper provides the justification for the suggested ways of building envelope requirements regulation.