Modern means of protection from noise applied in building envelop

Ecological safety of construction

The problem of noise pollution becomes more and more urgent. In large and small cities, we are seeing an active traffic, construction works, repairs and other industrial and domestic activities of people. This exerts a load on people. Noise outside the home can have a significant effect on the health and mental condition of the person. Therefore, sound insulation of residential buildings is a very important task in the construction and repair of buildings. The material used for insulation must have a high absorption coefficient and being eco-friendly. The market of main building soundproof and sound-damping materials was analyzedin this article. Also, there aremain properties and characteristics of the materials such as: sound reduction index, isolation index of airborne noise level, density, burning behavior were compared. Main characteristics of soundproof and sound-damping materials are presented in tabular form. It allowed us quickly identify the most appropriate material for the necessary properties.