The categorization of a country house

Technology and organization of construction

The development of the largest cities in the world it is hard to imagine without the development of suburban areas. The inability of the development of historic districts and large population, and a large influx of residents, the use of areas outside the city limits is especially important for St. Petersburg, with its extensive historic center,because it allows us to create high-quality housing, without distorting the classic image of the city. But the housing market Leningrad region is extremely heterogeneous and diverse. Stand out as depressed areas, where virtually nonexistent, investment and construction activities, and areas with high potential, which determines the relative level of prices of land plots of these areas. There are currently no methods of justification categories of country houses from the investment attractiveness of the land. In particular, the methods of calculating the investment attractiveness of the land of the Leningrad region, depending on certain factors. Also there is no classification of cottage settlements in Russia. For this reason, most developers when deciding on the status of one or another country real estate have their own opinion about certain attributes of the village. This article offers a rationale for the connection between the category of suburban housing and investment appeal of the activities of the land. This study presents the factors investment attractiveness land and the main features determining the identity of one or other of cottage settlements tothe economy or premium classes.