The role of a landscape architect in reconstruction and reprofiling of abandoned quarries

Technology and organization of construction

Construction of buildings is technically and financially difficult process. It can't possible for carrying out without coordination of all works at each stage of construction and with observing production requirements and normative legal acts approved in the Russian Federation the minimum terms. So actual problem is reduction of term of works without increase in cost of final. The solutions of such problem aredevelopment of planned schedules, using of production resources of the construction enterprises, the software for operational management of the course of works. Nowadays there is a number of methods (algorithms) of calculation and optimization of the organization of works with the subsequent development of schedule diagrams. More broad application is the parallel and stream organization of works.The purpose of article is the analysis of development of a method parallel and stream methods and scheduling of construction. Object of research is the theory and methodology of the organization and optimization of scheduling. In article authors describe heuristic algorithm of parallel and stream organization consider the main methods on the example of construction of Industrial complex with the attached administrative case of JSC "5 Micron NPO". As a result of the analysis the optimum sequences of development of fronts of works at a parallel and steam methods of the organization providing reduction of the general duration of a stream with the minimum idle times of resources were defined. Authors draw a conclusion that further, there is actual a question of development of model of the planned schedule in the program Microsoft Project complex, universal for various objects.