The impact of soil plug on optimize tubular pile

Grounds and foundations, underground structures

The article considers the possibility of optimizing the consumption of materials for steel pipe piles immersed with an open lower end. The calculations were performed with the influence of the soil plug. Optimization shall be understood to mean the appointment wall thickness of the pile satisfying equal strength. It was calculated pile capacity of different immersion depths. It was calculated stresses in the cross-sections of the piles. The stresses checked by strength theory. It was calculated wall thickness of strength balance pipe pile and material savings achieved optimization. Reached the following conclusions: 1. Conducted in this article calculation taking into account the pressure of the soil plug suggest that optimization of steel tubular piles by materials consumption ensuring full-strength possible; 2. Stresses in the material pile after optimizing the thickness of its walls have been checked on the relevant theory of strength; 3. The main result of this paper is the possibility of saving the basic building material of the pile under the condition of its strength balance . Moreover optimization is most effective for a shorter length of the pile.