Reinforcing of large gas-concrete panels from an autoclave

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An emergency conditions report is used as a case study of the destruction of gas-concrete panels. An expert conclusion states that the destruction of the wall panels was caused by a regulation violation of anti-corrosion coating of rebar cages in cellular concrete structures and the lack of quality control of wall panels at the manufacturing facility. This caused the increased corroded material build up. In the case study, the circumstances are considered from a different angle than in the independent expert’s report. The study considers a version of the cellular concrete wall panel destruction caused by micro-cracks developed as a result of the violation of the thermo-moist regime which led to "frost weathering": the process of the destruction of a material because of frost heaving of the internal moisture. In order to prevent such effects, DSK-1 has adopted the technology of a two-layer wall type with an "aerated" or "moist" facade system.