GMB: ability, similitude and application domain

Building Materials

Innovative universal of board finishing material, that already had time to prove the practicality both for professional builder sand for people independently engaging in building and repair, is Glass Magnesium of Board(GMB). As a rule, a today's building market in sufficient measure is passive in the plan of development and introduction of new, more advancedmaterials. Usually, business is satisfied by the simple improvement of becoming traditional materials or technologies. However, scientific developments are conducted, and one of such development sand there is a Glass Magnesium of Board, serious competitor to the dry wall of board,wood-fibered plaster and his loges, worked out especiallyfor territories with a sharply continental climate and enhance able humidity. In the article, in particular, his basic advantages, descriptions and features of application, will be taken apart. Material is complemented by the results of tests, by conclusions and pictures.