The most effective crushing equipment and testing of recycled concrete aggregates

Building Materials

The goal of this research is to study the international experience in managing the construction and demolition waste, to study the methods of testing recycled aggregates for concrete and reinforced concrete in comparison with the Russian practice, and to identify the most effective equipment for concrete waste recycling. Recycling of concrete waste could be the optimum solution for such problems as the lack of space for construction, the exhaustion of natural resources etc. The comparative analysis of the results of different researches showed, that up to 50% of recycled concrete aggregates of total amount of aggregate in concrete mixture has a little effect on the properties of concrete. The recycled aggregates are in demand, because they cost much lower than that the natural aggregates. The analysis of technical and economical qualities of different types of crushers showed, that swing-jaw crushers with their crossfunctionality and power are best for reutilization of concrete and reinforced concrete. Requirements for the type of the crusher depend on the utilization project of the particular building or construction, because each case is unique.