Application of computing complex SCAD for checking calculation of the two-lane sheet-piled wharf structure

Hydraulic engineering

Assessment of the actual bearing capacity of operated hydraulic structures is an actual technical problem, which determines the duration of their life cycle - the period during which the operation, repair and reconstruction are carried out. The paper presents results of testing calculation of existing two-lane sheet-piled wharf structure made with the computing complex SCAD.The data for the calculation taken on the basis of regulations, methodical and reference literature, the results of scientific research, materials of technical inspection. The checking calculation considers the following loads: operational load, active and passive earth pressure, wave load from storms of various repeatability, seismic load, seismic water pressure, load of tension of mooring lines. On the basis of calculations a comparative analysis of the values of stresses in the sheet pile wall was made for corroded and new piles. It was concluded that the load bearing capacity of the anchor rod is provided. The computing complex SCAD compared with the analytical methods of calculation will quickly fulfill checking calculation.