Modern business models of the competitiveness enhance of the construction sector enterprises

Technology and organization of construction

Contemporary business models and the condition of business environment are prerequisites for improving competition abilities of companies in the civil engineering sphere. The concept of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is to switch the emphasis from the product to the customer and, and thus to create sustainable, life-long beneficial relations with buyers. Products and services have to correspond to the individual requires of a certain customer. CRM is not only about a technology or software, it is a business model, business principles. General purpose of CRM in the civil engineering sphere is obtaining and preserving clients with the maximal solvency. The paper shows that the introduction of CRM system directly corresponds to achievements of the companies in civil engineering sector. With an eye to make the CRM system successful, it is obligatory to define a proper strategy in order to create long term, stable and beneficial relations with customers and after that to regulate company’s business processes and to adapt the company’s management if necessary to make the environment which is completely oriented to the customer.