Eliminating drawdown bases with the help of technology SLAB LIFTING

Grounds and foundations, underground structures

The foundation - building supporting structure, which takes all the loads from the construction, so it depends on the durability of the structure. However, during the operation of buildings are possible deformation of the foundation, which can be the result of errors made during the design phase. For these reasons, the foundation structure may sag. In this case it is necessary to seek a solution to eliminate the bank building. There are many methods of repair sagging foundation, but they are quite energy intensive and require significant investment. Outdated methods of repair are not possible in the current conditions of dense urban areas. It therefore becomes relevant the question of a more modern approach to repair sagging foundation. This issue is devoted to this article. The article describes in detail the causes of subsidence of the foundation and the consequences of this problem. The article also discussed the classical methods of repair sagging foundation and a new modern method SLABLIFTING. The latter method is based on deep injection geopolymer and is the most advanced solution on the issue of repair sagging foundation. To identify the advantages of the modern method of classical been calculated repair model, the bank received. According to the results of this calculation it was revealed advantages of the method, which is based on injection of geopolymer.