The experience of using Autodesk Revit and Robot Structural Analysis Professional

Technology and organization of construction

Russian government is aware of the need for BIM (Building Information Modeling) in its building projects. That is why it introduced the new project about the phased implementation of BIM (December 2014). BIM is impossible to implement in a short time because it requires a complete re-equipment of the company, retraining staff, experience and knowledge. The main problem with the new technology is the extent of the compliance and the adequacy of the results to reality. The logical solution to this problem is comparing the calculation results of the new technology and the traditional approach to the calculation of buildings and structures in Russia. As the object of analysis was selected the real project of the car center «SCANIA». The calculation and analysis of the load-bearing structure of the object: manual, Scad office and Robot Structural Analysis Professional. Comparison of three approaches has given the identical results. It allowed the proceeding to the next stage - modeling a whole structure of the project. Using the same algorithm to solve the problem we produced almost identical results. Results of the work are good prerequisites to the implementation of BIM in design field in Russia.