Air distribution in spectator ice arenas

Heat supply, ventilation, air conditioning, gas supply and lighting

The design of air distribution systems in ice arenas (skating rinks and others) largely determines thearena’s ice condition and the microclimate near ice surface and in spectator seating area. The article reviews requirements for parameters of internal air of arena, general approaches for air conditioning system designs and air replacement and distribution system designs. It is determined that reliable prediction of arena’s internal air parameters, analysis and optimization of air distribution designs is impossible without using numerical simulation of temperature, velocity and humidity fields in premises volume. The verification of design approaches for air distribution systems of all-purpose arena with 7500 seats capacity is performed by air’s velocity, temperature and relative humidity simulation in premises volume in a warm season. The adjustments introduced in air distribution system design have allowed eliminating stagnation zones near ice surface, and obtaining spectator seating area’s air temperature values of 14,5 — 20,5 °C and relative humidity value near optimal value of 55 %.