The kinetics of curing of concrete at an early freeze

Building Materials

One of the most important materials in modern construction is concrete. The article investigates the effect of freezing on the kinetics of early strength development of concrete. At the moment the construction process in the winter is a difficult task faced the industry professionals. Because of the cyclical processes of freezing and thawing, as well as due to the low temperatures, the hardening rate and the quality of concrete blocks is reduced, which creates a threat to the project under construction. To study this process made several series of concrete samples in the amount of 18 pieces of sizes 100h100h100 mm with different water-cement ratio (the W/C) and the hardening conditions. Control samples hardened in the standard normal conditions, and the major parties undergone early freeze in a freezer at t = -20°C, then to test the samples are stored with the inspection parties. The same was done with the samples with the other water-cement ratio. Compressive Tests were carried out at 7, 14 and 28 days. The results are presented in tables and graphs, the analysis of which you can make certain conclusions, according to which the concrete of the major parties are losing a small part of the strength, but have a tendency to set up its further alignment with the control parties.