Rational geometric and stiffness parameters of long-span structural roof

Structural mechanics

This work is devoted to solving the actual problem - the spread of well proven standard solutions structural designs for bridging non-standard plans based on the finding of the geometric parameters of a typical cell coverage, which could meet the maximum load capacity of high-strength bolts 40X "SELECT" (100 m), which is one of the main types of structural elements of the Moscow Institute of Architecture and limiting its load-bearing capacity. The object of research, in this case, a regular structural design of the Moscow Architectural Institute at unconventional plan 68,4h45 m. To solve the above problems in using both analytical and numerical methods of calculation. Analytical calculation method based on the theory of bending of thin slabs and is carried out in accordance with the method proposed in the work AG Truscheva. Numerical studies were performed using the software complex «SCAD», which established finite element model of the design, explore further the case securely fastened on a path to consolidate and different variations of geometric shapes cover (from the flat geometry of the structure to reverse dish of structural slabs to form a shallow shell) . As a result of the research, the following results: 1) analyzed the plan cover (a: b = 1,6: 1), with a load of q = 263 kg / m2, the limit value for h / l, in which the possible use of standard system components MARCHI there h / l≈1 / 17, which is somewhat different from the traditional recommendations for appointment of h / l for structural coatings (1/15 ... 1/30); 2) at the transition from the flat circuit to the space, in the form of a shallow shell fixedly attached contour required value dish of primary boom, whereby it is possible to use standard type elements MARKHI is f / l≈1 / 27; 3) The results of the study of stress-strain state (SSS) of the structure obtained in the case of the return of dish plate showed that this method is an effective method of controlling the parameters of the VAT provided fixedly mounted on circuit design. The results obtained in the course of research, have practical importance, as because of their use may theoretically justified the appointment of rational geometric parameters of the projected structural design of coating on the initial design stage.