Bridge spans with corrugated steel webs

Building constructions, buildings and structures

The article is devoted the new constructive solution for the design of composite and metal bridges based on the use of corrugated steel webs. The novelty of the design solution is based on the replacement of a flat concrete or metal web on corrugated steel web. Local sustainability is increases in such webs by giving spatial form. The analysis of national and foreign literature is performed. It is noted that nowadays there is no research about bridge spans with corrugated webs in our country. The classification of bridges with corrugated webs is given. In conformity with this classification the examples of built bridges all over the world are given. Prospects for further development are devoted. According to the analysis the main conclusions are: the applying of corrugated webs in steel-reinforced concrete span structures of bridges increases the efficiency of the use of prestressed concrete and reduces the metal of the bridge structure by 15-25% and reduces labor costs by 15-20%; the applying of corrugated webs in steel span structures of bridges can improves the stability of the web by 20-25%, which gives an advantage in the manufacture and installation. World experience of research and building construction shows that the bridge spans with corrugated webs meet the criteria of rigidity and load bearing capacity of building structures. Large volumes of construction confirm the relevance of this subject for research.