Acoustic characteristics of foam polypropylene as an example of vibration and sound isolation material Penoterm Penoprof NPP LE

Building Materials

Requirements of consumers for housing conditions increase every year because of what there is a need for ensuring the good sound insulation of rooms. Now the given problem is solved by the use of vibronoise-insulating materials as a part of multiple floor coats, which reduce the level of shock noise and provide necessary acoustic comfort for buildings of the modern city. The results of laboratory researches on definition of dynamic characteristics of a frothed penopropilen Penoterm PenoProf to NPP LE 10, 6 and 5 mm thick of the company "Penoterm-Urals" are presented in the article. Based on the data obtained by practical consideration indexes of improvement of level of shock noise were calculated. The results of the tests revealed that the physical and mechanical characteristics of the sample 10 mm in thickness better than samples with thickness 5 and 6 mm. Also was the comparative analysis obtained by calculating the index of improvement of level of shock noise with indicators of the soundproofing materials of other firms and found that the performance of different materials are roughly in the same range, but in varying degrees of change over time.