An arch multipurpose modular design

Building constructions, buildings and structures

In the present article, it is offered to examine a new design - "An arch multipurpose modular design" (AMMK). Multifunctionality of this design assumes use it for construction of wide-span buildings and constructions, tanks, ski jumps, bridges and elevated crosswalks. Besides, AMMK can be curved as in one plane, and to have a design bend in several planes. The design elements working for stretching are executed from cables. The elements working for compression represent volume small-sized modules. Such modular system of AMMK, allows carrying out delivery of a wide-span design without use of special equipment on any building site. Besides, the geometry of this design can have double curvature. "The arch multipurpose modular design" has small metal consumption in comparison with classical schemes of arches and farms, and allows reducing considerably time for delivery and installation of a design on a building site.