Design, construction and operation of high-rise buildings, taking into account the aerodynamic aspects


The registration of aerodynamics characteristic is very important for the safety of high-rise buildings. These buildings could have different shapes and aerodynamic of each is unique what makes its definition a complicated process. The aim of this work is to identify the main aspects of buildings’ aerodynamic. As part of the goal there are solve such problems as identifying ways of recognizing the aerodynamic characteristic of the building, review of the aerodynamic of building complex, identifying main factors influencing on formation and change of wind situation and also review of several methods of protection from wind on pedestrian level. There were examined the main factors that have a strong influence on the aerodynamic of the building and must be considered in design. There were detected that one of the most effective ways to determine the distribution of wind currents is to blow a building model in wind tunnel and that restrained urban conditions require the special attention in considering.