Effective application of I-beams with corrugated webs in the industrial building

Building constructions, buildings and structures

This article is devoted to analysis of cost-effectiveness and reasonable replacement of basic structures (columns, crane beams, roof beams, bridge beams) of hot-rolled I-beams with parallel faces of flanges of the industrial building using the overhead crane, lifting capacity of Q–5t on welded I-beams with corrugated webs. The main objective of this article is to justify the effective application of I-beams with corrugated webs in the industrial buildings. Frame calculation of the industrial building performed in the software system LIRA SAPR– 2015 has been considered. The results of calculation were presented, namely charts of maximum displacement from the load. The strength test of accepted sections of structural elements of the industrial building was conducted with the circuit jam at the basement cut level for the first and second limiting conditions. A comparative analysis of hot-rolled steel I-beams with parallel flange faces of welded I-beams with corrugated walls has been performed according to criteria: weight and costs. The cost-effectiveness of I-beams with corrugated webs was proved. Savings in terms of metal weight for the entire industrial building and reduced cost of structures are the main results of this article.