Absorption of water of Crimean nummulite limestone

Building Materials

One of the most common facies of limestone in Crimea is nummulite. Unfortunately, physic-mechanical properties of this building material are insufficiently investigated. The purpose of this research is to study the Crimean nummulite limestone and analyze the results obtained in the course of the experiment to determine its water absorption by mass. The main research methods were the analysis of scientific literature and the conduct of laboratory tests. Several Russian articles allowed to find numerous deposits of this building material in the Crimea.
Furthermore, the water absorption of nummulite limestone was determined experimentally and compared with the results of other laboratory tests of this material. Also, index of the water absorption can be improved by various additives such as calcium polysulphide or fluorine-silicone compounds. Contrary to expectations, the results indicated that nummulite limestone can be used in construction of the road surfaces, industry and other spheres.