FRP helical micro screw pile with cast iron pile cap: Review

Grounds and foundations, underground structures

Calculation method of pipes’ FRP sections is proposed. Comparison of two options of piles’ bearing capacity calculations is made. Calculated bearing strength of the pipe’s sections for an axial load are compared to the results of site tests made earlier and soil’s bearing strength. Conclusions are made that existing calculation methods of soil’s bearing strength underneath helical piles are too conservative. Research provides results of bearing strength installed to weak clay helical fiberglass micropile. Pile was designed, produced and provided by Composite Group LLC. Pile is made with pultruded fibre reinforced polymer pipe and screw produced with cast iron. Screw is glued to the FRP pipe by epoxy. In addition rivets strengthen connection detail. This structure is stable for corrosion, ground electricity. FRP screw pile has small weight and high strength.