Bending resistance of foam concrete beams reinforced with composite fittings

Building Materials

The possibility of using glass composite fittings in bent elements made of foam concrete to determine the rational practical foam concrete application and options for their reinforcement in building structure has paper considered. Single beams, made of cement foam concrete and reinforced with various reinforcement frames of glass composite fittings, were investigated as flexural elements. Beams reinforced with welded frames are accepted as base comparison. The beam tests were carried out according to regulatory requirements with registration of load values and deformations and deflections during the test. Beam deflections were measured until the beam carrying capacity was exhausted. As a result, the ultimate load values and deflections of foam concrete beams were determined. According to the test results, the nature of the destruction of beams reinforced by various reinforcement frames and diagrams of deflection dependency on the bending moments are presented. It has been established that the values of beams deflections reinforced with glass composite fittings are 8.5% higher than the values of beams deflections reinforced with welded frames. However, the deflection values of beams with standard framework from glass composite fittings do not exceed the maximum permissible deflection value of 9,75 mm. Therefore, the glass composite fittings can be adopted to reinforce the foam concrete flexural elements.