Solid particle erosion wear of thermosetting polymers and composites at room and elevated temperatures: an experimental study

Building Materials

The work is devoted to experimental researches of resistance to gas abrasion of polymeric thermosetting binders and composites on their basis, intended for use in constructions of gas exhaust ducts of the industrial enterprises (mainly metallurgical). The new experimental equipment for gas-abrasive wear tests has been developed and made. This equipment allows to carry out accelerated tests at temperatures up to 250 оС at angles of attack of 90o and 45o. The tests carried out on this equipment allowed to receive dependence of wear intensity of the considered binders in a gas-abrasive flow on temperature change and mechanical characteristics changing due to it. The influence of long-term exposure at the temperature exceeding the glass transition temperature on their resistance to gas-abrasive wear is evaluated. The wear resistance in gas abrasion flow of glass-reinforced plastics based on epoxy and epoxy-phenolic binders and different types of glass fabrics is evaluated.