Reducing utility bills through the introduction of energy efficient systems

Energy efficiency and thermal protection of buildings

The object of the study is an improved system for the partial recovery of the condensation heat of refrigeration machines, its development, implementation and study of operational performance, which increases the share of waste heat in the air heating system in order to increase their energy efficiency and optimize operating costs. The purpose of this work is to analyze the costs of using heat to heat the coolant in the air heating system from the heat supply organization, with the costs in case of heating the coolant in the condensation heat recovery system. Method. To analyze the calculated and actual values, the development and implementation of a research stand based on an ultrasonic flow switch and a heat meter was carried out, which made it possible to evaluate the economic effect of the implementation of the proposed solutions. Results. With regard to the air heating system of buildings with artificial freezing of the ice surface, the economic effect in the form of a reduction in utility bills for heating is 2.46 million rubles per year, while reducing the thermal pollution of the environment by at least 1.4 GW.