Inspection of wooden building Villa Annala

Monitoring and testing of buildings and structures

The Renovation course 2012 subject in Helsinki is a brief survey of the Villa Annala, Hämeentie st., 154. The two-storey log and wooden-framed building is situated in a park area, and there forit has no plot or official registration number. For this reason, there have been no building permits or records of maintenance works in the building review office. The Parks department has served as the owner, and has organised together with the real estate department the upkeep of the building. The park itself is in excellent condition and the surrounding buildings are all in use. This main buildíng originally built by Konsul Wasenius in 1832 has been empty for over a year. The students have been asked to do a short survey of the building condition, offer alternatives for renovation, and finally give opinions concerning the future of the building. They are working in construction details and architecture team, ventilation and heating team and construction economics groups. The City of Helsinki is unable to give any information conerning the future of the building.