Comparison of SCAD Office and LIRA-SAPR on the example of calculation of communications tower

Building constructions, buildings and structures

Decisions of Glavgosexpertiza Russia in 2004 advanced the proposal "to carry out calculations for at least two certified, independently developed and tested in practice software systems, to conduct a comparative analysis of the results" design as a measure to improve the quality of settlement studies. The method of Finite Element modeling the communication tower in SCAD Office 11.5 and LIRA-SAPR as a three-dimensional structure is consideredin this article. The analysis of requirements and the recommendations containing in the modern technical literature and the technical literature of last years about constructions of communication are made. Comparison of the regulations of domestic and foreign standards by calculation of high constructions concerning directions of a wind and combinations of loadings which are necessary for considering at calculation of communication towers is executed. The stress-strain state of the supporting framework of the communication tower is analyzed paying attention to different loads contribution. Following the results of the investigation the supporting framework of the communication tower SCAD Office 11.5 is compared with LIRA-SAPR.