Air exchange organization in ski tunnels

Engineering and construction of roads, subways, airfields, bridges and transport tunnels

The article describes the method the air exchange organization in the closed ski tunnel. Ski tunnels allow maintaining parameters of the indoor climate necessary for creating and conserving of the artificial snow within them. Ski tunnels are used as ski slopes at any time of the year, regardless of the climatic conditions of the area. Maintaining of the required air parameters is based on the necessity to create favorable conditions for the athletes, as well as on the need to maintain a constant temperature below zero in the snowpack. Combined work of the ventilation, air conditioning and central heating systems, require careful analysis of the impact of each of these systems to climate condition and their cooperative impact. Nowadays there is very little practical guidance on the calculation methods of climate control systems for ski tunnels, due to the fact that ski tunnels are rare and can be categorized as unique structures. In Russia ski tunnel is planned to be mounted in Khanty-Mansiysk city. This article presents possible method of the air exchange organization and the way of its calculation in ski tunnels for the cold period of the year. A way to organize the air flow assuming cooperation of the ventilation, air conditioning and air heating systems work is proposed in this article. Results of the calculation are verified assuming demanded microclimate parameters of temperature and air mobility in the Ansys program. In the studied model of the ski tunnel external air is supplied through the diffusors from the upper part of the tunnel space. Supplied air has a positive temperature, due to the need to heat internal space of the ski tunnel. After that part of the supplied air is cooled in local conditioners to gain required temperature of the working zone ofthe ski tunnel. Flow rate of the supplied air is taken according manual calculations based on the determining of the heat inflows values. All data is contributed to the Ansys program (geometry of the tunnel space, characteristics of the supplied air flow). Ansys Fluid calculates the temperature value fields and value fields of air velocity in the working zone of the ski tunnel. These parameters should not exceed the determined maximum values, otherwise temperature of the supplied air and the scheme of the air flow organization must be changed.