Manufacturability of the construction processes in trench excavations with automatic control systems

Technology and organization of construction

In a hard, often cramped conditions of the construction site with a high labor intensity and compressed construction time, the task of qualitative performance of excavation becomes very important. Thus, the implementation of planning works with the help of modern bulldozer requires accurate holding of the blade at design mark, which is a challenge even for experienced machine operators. Automatic control system (ACS) allows to keep working body (blade, drum mills, etc..) used by construction machines in the required design level automatically. The article offers an analysis of the technological process of the development of the construction trench for the pipeline with automatic control system Accugrade GPS / GLONASS (3D) and without ACS. Using of automated control systems AccuGrade resulted in a reduction of work time by 32%, also through unavailability of geodetic works. According to reduction of working hours excavator fuel consumption decreased by 22% and the amount of dredging material decreased by 16%, 60% less material is needed for the dumping of banquettes. Manufactural value of excavation works with ACS was 1.1