Masonry units with high percentage of holes in a facing laying of external walls (as a scientific discussion)

Building Materials

As a scientific discussion the review to article "A brick and stones with high hollowness in a facing laying of external walls", published by G. Grinfeld and A. Vishnevsky in the journal "Construction of Unique Buildings and Structures" (No. 11, 2016) is provided. Research object in this article are products with high hollowness in the walls of balconies and loggias that doesn't correspond to the declared article subject. There is no problem definition indicating the need of a complex solution. There are no quantitative estimates of difficult process of accumulation of damages to a facing brick layer and changes of the intense deformed condition in building elements. The arguments of authors adduced in article aren't convincing and can't be used as justification of insolvency of attempts of the ban on use of hollow products in facing of layered walls in climatic conditions of St. Petersburg.