Automated masonry method with evaluation of its productivity and quality characteristics

Technology and organization of construction

The article presents the way of using articulated robotic manipulator with building a 3D printer for automation of brick masonry using traditional water-cement solution. The article describes in stages all the steps that need to be done with a robot manipulator in order to build a brick column, similar to the real one, without the use of hands. The column, according to preliminary data, must withstand a maximum load approximately equal to that which would withstand a column of the same material, but made by man. Later, the properties of 6 built brick columns are compared, half of which is built by a robot, and the other part – by a man. All advantages and disadvantages of the automated method of construction of stone structures are also considered. In the course of the work, such indicators as masonry time, structural strength, as well as their comparison with the indicators of structures erected by physical effort were revealed.